“Dog Tag” Prints

Your prints are great, really quirky & perfect for dog lovers who want things to look cool too!
Tracy (UK)

These prints combine hand drawn lettering with illustration. I was inspired to tell the story of different dog breeds using a dog tag design. Each print is a unique hand-printed original, individually inked and printed by hand on my traditional etching press and signed by me.

Beagle Dog Tag Story Print

I am fascinated by the history and unique characteristics that define particular breeds and I wanted to celebrate that uniqueness by creating dog breed specific prints. The dog tag idea came from thoughts about the plight of dogs in rescue centres and shelters. I imagined that they might be wearing a dog tag that helped prospective owners find out more about the dog in the hope that they might be rescued and given a ‘forever home’. There’s a bit of the children’s character Paddington Bear in this project too — the lost bear with a luggage label attached - entreating its finder to 'look after this bear'.

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If your dog breed isn’t here or if you would like something more bespoke (for any breed or mutt) have a look at “Hounds in Verse” - a completely personal, illustrated poem and portrait of your dog.