Dachshund Original Art

Personalised prints for dachshund lovers

This print combines hand drawn lettering with illustration. Each one is individually hand-printed on my press in a biscuit colour ink, and signed.

Image Size: 190 x 240 mm (including signature)
Paper Size: 315 x 315 mm (approx)

Unframed print: £40 (+P&P worldwide shipping)
Framed prints: £80 (+P&P, UK addresses only)

Unframed Dachshund


Framed Dachshund


Personalise Your Print

Personalized Gift for Dog Lovers - The Enlightened Hound

You can personalise your Dog Tag print with a hand written dedication (up to 10 words).

This is written in pencil, below the dog tag image and above the signature (like the example in the picture for Benson the Labrador).

Choose this option and enter your own words at the checkout, if required.

I have just decided to buy another one of your lovely prints (what a brilliant idea)! ... I’m sure my two little dachsies are just going to love these hanging above their baskets!
Catherine (UK)

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Smooth haired dachshund vintage card - The Enlightened Hound

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About Dachshunds

Despite their cute and comical appearance, Dachshunds are incredibly brave little hunting dogs that were bred to chase and flush out badgers.

Often significantly larger and heavier than a dachshund, badgers are a fierce and formidable opponent, yet the tenacious dachshund with its indomitable spirit is a fearless and efficient hunter. Their long, low body is perfect for getting into the dens of rabbit, fox, wild boar, badgers and other burrow dwelling animals that have gone to ground.

The origin of the dachshund is still debated as there are etchings and statues of similar long, low dogs dating back thousands of years, however 16th century German hunters were responsible for selecting and cross breeding dogs to create the dachshund we are familiar with today. The name Dachshund literally means “Badger Dog” in German.

Not just loved by Germans (they are the national dog of Germany and were the mascot for the 1972 Munich Olympics) dachshunds were popular in the Royal Courts of Europe and have been the dog of choice for many famous owners including Queen Victoria, James Dean, Joan Crawford, Pablo Picasso, David Hockney, John Wayne, Clarke Gable, Madonna and Andy Warhol.

Known affectionately as Sausage Dog, Hot Dog, Doxie, Dashie and Weiner, these adorable and amusing companions are now a favourite the world over.


I make custom vintage style frames for my prints using reclaimed wood, so each frame has its own pattern of knots, dinks, scratches, nail holes, wonky edges and aged patina.

Currently frames are available in reclaimed pine, hand-painted in Old White then lightly distressed and finished with clear wax. Frames are approximately 38 cms (15”) square and are fitted with crystal clear acrylic ‘glass’. They come ready to hang.

These prints also fit into standard frames, such as the Ikea Ribba 52x52 cm square frame, using the included matt/mount of 29x29 cms or any off the shelf 12"x12" box frame (a box style frame will hold the print away from the glass without using a mount).