Hungarian Vizsla Original Art

Personalised prints for Vizsla lovers

This print combines hand-drawn letters with illustration. Each one is individually hand-printed on my press in a vizsla inspired russet gold ink, and signed.

Choose your print:

Unframed / No Mount - Worldwide Shipping

  • Fits a standard 12" x 12" frame (or with a little trimming a 30 x 30 cm frame). A box style frame is best (with no mount) as it will keep the print away from the glass
  • Ships with a backing board and cellophane wrapped
  • Paper Size: 12" x 12"

Unframed With Mount - UK addresses only
  • Fits a standard 40 x 40 cm frame
  • Ships with an off-white, acid-free mount and conservation grade backing board in a cellophane bag
  • Mount size: 40 x 40 cm

Framed - UK addresses only
  • Solid oak wood frame with mount
  • Frame is 43.5 cms square.
  • Fitted with crystal clear acrylic ‘glass’ and ready to hang

Personalise your print

Personalized Gift for Dog Lovers - The Enlightened Hound

You can personalise your Dog Tag print with a hand written dedication (up to 10 words).

This is written in pencil, below the dog tag image and above the signature (like the example in the picture for Benson the Labrador).

Choose this option and enter your own words at the checkout, if required.

Vizsla: Unframed / No Mount


Vizsla: Unframed With Mount


Vizsla: Framed

We LOVE your design! Describes our Harley perfectly. Best description of a Staffy Bull we've ever seen. Thank You!
Kathy (USA)

About Hungarian Vizslas

Vizslas are well known for their insatiable desire to be close to their humans, hence the nickname "Velcro Dog". They are experts at wedging themselves next to their owners, climbing over them and draping themselves around their beloved human companions. They crave attention and are incurable snugglers. An old Hungarian proverb says "If you own a Vizsla, it lives on top of your head"!

Vizslas were prized companions and hunting partners of ancient Magyar warriors who, with the help of their falcons, flushed out prey on the vast plains. They were soon adopted as the dog of choice by Hungarian nobility and Vizslas were sometimes presented to favoured foreign royalty and so came to be known as 'the gift of the kings". Fortunately Vizslas narrowly escaped extinction when the Soviets invaded Hungary towards the end of the second world war.

Vizslas are very clever and are notorious mischief-makers when bored. They frequently out-think their owners and can be especially smart and sneaky when it comes to food - opening cupboards and counter surfing - and nothing is considered out of bounds! Many have a fetish for socks, laundry, tissues, shoes and toilet paper, which they particularly enjoy shredding!

With their trademark sleek, red-gold coat and amber eyes, it's hard to resist their adoring gaze and unending desire just to be loved.